Our Story

Our Story

Maxime Tournier took over the management of the company and operations in 2013. Season after season, he has ingrained the brand in an increasingly specific identity, linking craftsmanship to the demands and needs of the art of living.

Dado Robino, , designer, atypical in her career, nourishes her inspirations with tradition and the mountain way of life, in its contemporary dimension. She joined the team to work with Maxime in 2018. Forming a dynamic duo to bring elegant, endearing, everyday pieces and objects to life.

In a society caught up by the hyper-modernity of the virtual world, driven by the need for permanent control, the notion of luxury has become a reassuring refuge in the humility of its values of authenticity and sustainability. Anchored by craftsmanship, producing objects ethically is now part of the legitimate expectations of feeling good in our home.

For all these reasons, a sober and elegant design, attentive to the trends of the present moment, is perfectly coherent, inscribing itself in a contemporary, chic and functional art of living. A must for our customers and influencers.

This is how the various commitments of our company, founded in Haute Loire 40 years ago, have taken shape

A company that began with the tanning of leather and pelt, with its roots firmly attached to the area where it was founded.

An artisanal know-how handed down through generations. workshop that has transformed and adapted over time to its professional ecosystem to meet the expectations of interior design studios. A commitment to increasingly perfect our development, to establish a brand signature resolutely and globally dedicated to creating a unique atmosphere for homes.