Our vocation is to match and adapt to your unique personality and specific needs at home.
Maison Yak provides you with a range of possibilites,
from furniture to the simplest decorative detail,
providing both useful and elegant objects for your home to enjoy day after day.


Sofas, daybeds, armchairs, foot stools, benches, chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, headboards, carpets...
Lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, light fixtures...


In a contemporary, sober design, intended for everyday use, our furniture is exquisite, as well as comfortable and functional. Each piece, each product, each item is designed to meet precisely and efficiently the expectations of a demanding clientele
who appreciate good quality, authentic products.


Cushions, throws, curtains, drapes, wall decoration
and decorative accessories...


There are so many opportunities to share
our passion for beautiful authentic materials and original weaves:
furs, hides and skins, woolen and noble textiles.
No matter how they are staged in the room: whether they cover walls or furniture, curtains that are hung or draped for decorative purposes, everything is a pretext to express the comfort, originality and sensuality of our designs.


Mirrors, trays, trinket bowls, vases,
champagne and ice buckets, decorative trophies, small decorative objects, and other accessories...


Adding soul to a room, whether at home or in public building, it’s the little details that make up its special atmosphere. Our goal is to create objects that create atmosphere, a story, and emotions that correspond to you.
Our accessories are intended to punctuate your interior design with personal touches making them unique.
Working together with your interior design project, Maison Yak, both in its global range and through the possibilities of its tailor-made service, ensures that your personal style is truly reflected.


Crockery, cutlery, glassware, dishes, cottons, salad bowls, pitchers, trays, boards...


A refined interior deserves a unity of speech in its signature, which is why we propose to take care of in every detail,
The table and its variations.
According to our philosophy of feeling good at home, we invite you to experience our range along with your family and friends,
Which envelopes our brand concept in its true, timeless
and authentic identity:
A ceramic décor, natural and sensual, endearing and
functional, alongside elegant cutlery, glassware and
matching utensils.


Bed linen, bath linen and table linen.


Accompanying you throughout the day,
through the sensation of beautiful, sensual and comfortable linen, an ambition that has naturally imposed itself in our collections, to offer you
a complete universe of interior design.

With simplicity and the desire to present the best, we suggest different ranges to create a cozy bedroom, to personalize your bathroom,
adding a warm, pleasant touch of homeliness.
Our tablecloths, underplates and napkins will in turn bring joy to your table.