To meet the challenges posed by the projects of our professional clients working
in interior design and the hospitality industry,
in addition to the specific needs of our private clientele, Maison Yak sources its raw materials and designs products in many different workshops specializing in sewing, carpentry, cabinetmaking, ceramics, cutlery, and glassware, specifically selected with utmost care.

Notre Philosophie

Our values and our know-how...

And because our business, our environment, and our production ecosystems are intimately linked to our region, we are deeply attached to our humble origins and values hoping to pass them for generations to come.

We are proud of the nobility of working with natural products, we love our people, we are enthusiastic about bringing to life and perpetuating the know-how of traditional crafts from our local farms. We are happy to share this with our customers by bringing our much-loved products into their homes.

With this intention in mind, we have carefully put together a comprehensive offer in the art of "day-to-day living": with our philosophy of creating beautiful, ethical, well-designed objects for every aspect of life, for every moment that needs soul and personality.

Authenticity is not just a buzzword; we strive to give real substance to this state of mind. By being true to our values and sincere, as well as taking into consideration and respecting the natural environment in which we live. We intend to bring essential objects of elegant integrity into homes.

Fine quality leather, wool, and textiles give presence, flexibility, and depth. Beautiful textures evoke delicate shagginess and sensuality. The emotions created by touching our raw materials is essential in our desire to create an intimate atmosphere that is welcoming, cozy and reassuring.

Our conception of excellence passes through the rigorous selection of our raw materials and takes its roots here, in the hands of our passionate craftsmen. Different workshops produce our creations, manufacture our pieces with care, in France and Europe, according to the code of local craft traditions. We have endeavored to develop an expertise that is now widely recognized, using the latest innovative solutions to meet the aspirations of our specialist clientele. Our specialists prepare, dye, and passionately work with noble materials using the most natural textures, to adapt to the creativity of our collections and meet the specific, custom-made expectations of our products.